You can now watch all of The Sopranos episodes as 25 second TikToks

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The Sopranos is turning 25 this week. HBO is making every episode into a 25-second TikTok and putting it on the internet. Yay. 

If you’ve never watched The Sopranos, but have always felt kind of bad about it (like you’re missing out on crucial pop culture moments and have no idea what gabagool is) then you’re in luck. 

To celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary, HBO is releasing all of The Sopranos’ 86 episodes as 25-second TikTok recaps. 

Yep, that’s right. If you head to The Sopranos official TikTok channel, you can get through the entire series in less than 36 minutes. Now that’s efficient. If you’re more old-school (like us), you can also just head to Youtube and watch the first two episodes of the award-winning show free of charge. 

Turning an iconic piece of TV history into a series of TikToks is undoubtedly depressing news, but here at Film Stories, we consider ourselves optimists. We’re hoping that maybe this will ignite new interest in the show and new generations will seek out the full episodes and discover what a cracking show The Sopranos is. 

Warner Bros. Discovery, the company behind HBO, is also releasing new material and deleted scenes on their streaming service Max, so it looks like this is a US-only perk. Out of 15 available deleted scenes, three have never been seen before. There will also be over five hours of behind-the-scenes featurettes, as reported by Variety.

Tomorrow, 10 January, which officially marks 25 years since The Sopranos premiered, HBO is hosting a private cast reunion. There will also be a lot of fan events and screenings, but again, US only. 

In the UK, The Sopranos is available to watch on NOW and Sky. You can also buy and rent it digitally or rely on good old physical media. 

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