In conversation with Phillip Noyce – Fast Charlie, Clear And Present Danger, Patriot Games, Blind Fury, Rabbit Proof Fence and more

Phillip Noyce
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Director Phillip Noyce joins us for a very special episode of the Film Stories podcast – and there’s a lot to talk about.

In a special episode of the Film Stories podcast, director Phillip Noyce joins Simon for a good, long chat.

They talk about many of films from across Noyce’s career, starting with his latest, Fast Charlie. The Pierce Brosnan-headlined pulpy thriller has quite the story of its own.

From there, the conversation moves across Noyce’s career: from the printer of Clear & Present Danger, working with Rutger Hauer on Blind Fury, the crisis of confidence surrounding The Giver and the impact of Rabbit Proof Fence. And that’s just a flavour of the conversation – there’s lots more…

Fast Charlie streaming on Prime Video 15 March. Distributed by Signature Entertainment

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