Podcast: Election (1999) and Sliding Doors (1998)

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A pair of late 1990s movies pop up in this episode of the Film Stories podcast – both of which have endured for different reasons.

A pair of late 1990s movies in this episode, both of which are remembered three decades later for differing reasons.

In the case of 1999’s Election, the Alexander Payne-directed movie remains one of the most scathing and cleverly dark high school movies of its era. Perhaps that’s why Paramount Pictures at the time had problems with it, not least how on Earth do you market the film? ‘Not well’ was the eventual answer to that. Plus: would Tom Cruise really have been right for the Matthew Broderick role?

Then there was 1998’s surprise hit Sliding Doors, a film from a first time writer/director, who spent seven years trying to nail the script, suffering a nervous breakdown in the midst of the process. Turns out too that a Hollywood legend, Sydney Pollack, would turn into the movie’s guardian angel.

Stories of both are told in this episode…

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