Podcast | Fantastic Four (2015) and The Fantastic Four (1994, unreleased)

Fantastic 4
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Two Fantastic Four movies on this episode of the Film Stories podcast – both of which ended up as rather famous tales…

The Fantastic Four take centre stage on the Film Stories podcast, with a pair of films that each had their demands.

The 2015 Fantastic Four was set to reboot the characters on the big screen, and give 20th Century Fox another ongoing superhero franchise. Yet this didn’t go to plan at all. Director Josh Trank was hired, and wouldn’t get to make the film he wanted. Others were quite happy to point the finger at Trank. Either way, the film would struggle.

Yet at least it’d get a release. In 1994, a $1m version of The Fantastic Four was made, with those making it fully expecting a cinema release. Trailers were released, promotions began – but on the eve of the film’s world premiere, everything was stopped: and there’s a strong theory about just what happened.

Stories of both are told in this episode.

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