Podcast | Ghostbusters II (1989), plus Ernie Hudson

ghostbusters 2
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The road to unlocking 1989’s Ghostbusters II is explored in the Film Stories podcast – and Ernie Hudson joins us for a chat as well…

There’s a Ghostbusters theme running through this episode of Film Stories, starting off with a dive into 1989’s Ghostbusters II. Dismissed by critics on its release and not matching the commercial performance of the 1984 original, the movie had a very difficult path to the screen. Then, when it finally started moving forward, it found itself in a queue with films such as Twins and Scrooged, to which others had commitments to.

We dig into that in this episode – including the crucial meeting in a Los Angeles restaurant that unlocked Ghostbusters II in the first place.

Then finally, a very special guest: Ernie Hudson joins us for the second half of the episode. On the one hand, he’s talking about the newly-released Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire. On the other? Well, how are we supposed to resist talking to him about Congo…

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