Podcast | Halloween (2018) and Rocky V (1990)

Halloween (2018)
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Two notable films in the Rocky and Halloween sagas, one of which was a lot more successful than the other…

The Halloween franchise was at a crossroads after Rob Zombie’s 2009 movie, Halloween II. There was only one logical thing to do next: er, Halloween 3D, which was set for the early 2010s. The first in a line of false starts, that’d eventually take us to 2018’s wildly-successful reboot/reimagining.

Some reshoot work on that was done for the ending too, and the ending of Rocky V (1990) was an area of much disagreement. Sylvester Stallone had wanted to take the Rocky films back to basics, bringing back director John G Avildsen too. Yet what was expected to be one of 1990’s big tickets didn’t go to plan.

Stories of both are told in this episode…

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