Podcast | In conversation with Jeff Wadlow – Imaginary, Truth Or Dare, Blumhouse and more

Jeff Wadlow
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Writer/director Jeff Wadlow joins us to talk about Imaginary, Blumhouse, Truth Or Dare – and The Muppets as well!

In a special episode of Film Stories, Simon is joined by writer/director Jeff Wadlow, as he releases his new film – Imaginary – into the world. There’s therefore discussion about that, the challenge of making a traditional ‘Blumhouse’ film, and working with puppets too.

Along the way, they chat too about Truth Or Dare, 2005’s Cry Wolf and – yes! – The Muppets. Plus, some words on The Adrenaline Film Project, a tremendous initiative that’s very close to Jeff Wadlow’s heart.

Imaginary is in cinemas now.

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