Podcast | Saltburn (2023) and Mean Girls (2024)

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In this podcast episode, the stories of two films – Saltburn and Mean Girls – and the way they both found their way to audiences…

A pair of bang up to the minute films in this episode of Film Stories, both of which enjoyed the fruits of viral marketing.

Saltburn (2023) had been in the head of its writer/director Emerald Fennell for years before she even got to work on her Oscar-winning Promising Young Woman (2020). The catalyst? A really rather famous scene in with a bathtub. But who could have guessed how the internet would take hold of her film post-release?

In the case of Mean Girls (2024), the battle was on to hide what it actually was. The new take on the 2004 film of the same name was a musical, but you’d never guess that from the (very deliberate) way that Paramount marketed the movie. A movie that, incidentally, was originally intended for streaming services before getting a cinema upgrade…

Stories of both are told in this episode.

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