Podcast | The Black Cauldron (1985) and In The Loop (2009)

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The animated movie Disney doesn’t put in its theme parks, and an Oscar-nominated big screen outing for Peter Capaldi’s Malcolm Tucker…

This time on the Film Stories podcast, its 1985 animated feature The Black Cauldron. A film whose budget more than doubled, that arrived five years later, and nearly broke Walt Disney Animation Studios in the process. Plus, its legacy is such that you won’t find it anywhere near a Disney theme park. The story of one of the most remarkable chapters in Disney animation history.

Then the second film in this episode is the Oscar-nominated British satirical comedy In The Loop. The directorial debut of Armando Iannucci, it spun out of the TV series The Thick Of It – but the decision was made to not to a straight TV-to-film adaptation.

The stories of both of these films are found in this very episode…

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