Podcast | The King Of Comedy (1982) and I Love Trouble (1994)

The King Of Comedy
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Two box office disappointments: one forgotten, one resurrected, in the new Film Stories podcast episode…

Neither The King Of Comedy nor I Love Trouble were met with strong box office or enthusiastic reviews on their initial releases – but one has fared a lot better since.

1982’s The King Of Comedy would be the last time Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese would unite for many years – and for a long time it was a project that appealed more to De Niro than Scorsese. Still, after a damp initial response, the film’s reputation has grown. A lot.

Not so with 1994’s I Love Trouble, a rare movie star-driven summer film from Disney in the early 1990s. Julia Roberts starred, but didn’t sign on the dotted line until he co-star was chosen. That’d be Nick Nolte, and it wouldn’t be a particularly successful pairing…

Stories of both movies are told in this episode.

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