Barbenheimer 2.0 | The three-way clash coming in 2024

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The follow-up to the most accidentally successful marketing campaign of 2023 is on its way. We’ve got a few ideas…

Movie marketing folks, lend us your ears: we’re about to make you a load of money. We’ve got our special pitching hats on and everything.

We all know that Barbenheimer – the viral sensation turned box office juggernaut caused by the simultaneous release of Barbie and, wait for it, Oppenheimer earlier this year – made lots and lots of cash. You’re probably still counting it. It was crazy!

Now, we know what people have been saying. “Barbenheimer was an organic internet phenomenon,” “it was lightning in a bottle,” “if you try and artificially recreate the same conditions everyone will smell a rat and laugh at you.”

We disagree. See, we’ve been checking our big film calendar for 2024, and we’ve noticed there’s a bit of a clash heading our way on the 24th of May. Get ready, because we’re about to get your big marketing cogs turning.

As it stands, the 24th of May sees the simultaneous release of Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes, Furiosa, and The Garfield Movie.

Now, three films are much harder to smush into a catchy internet name than two, right? We agree. We’ve been trying for ages, and the best we could come up with is Mad Macaque: Furry Road. We’re not even confident there is a macaque in the Planet Of The Apes films.

But (and this is very knowledgeable and sneaky of us) we know how the industry works. We know there’s no way Disney, Warner Bros. and Sony will stick three big hitters on at the same time. At least one of them is bound to blink – and that leaves the door wide open for the spiritual sequel to Barbenheimer to make its mark.

Here’re the name suggestions we’ve got so far:

Kingdom Of The Planet Odie Apes

The Fat Cat And The Furiosa-us


Garfield Marenghi’s Dark Ape

Who Wants To See Charlize Theron Fight An Ape?

Tail Caesar

What A Lovely Day (To Watch Garfield)

Car Chase Of The Planet Of The Apes

Or you could just stick with Memorial Day Weekend. As Brits, though, we’re not really sure what that is. We’ll keep workshopping.

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