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In our weekly spot where we recommend a British movie podcast, here’s one named after a 1973 horror movie.

And now the Film Stories British Movie Podcast Feature starts!

Podcasters are often just film enthusiasts who get together every so often to discuss their passion for movies. This is all you need to be a movie podcast, by the way, along with a microphone and recording device. Sometimes a podcast comes along, though which has the affection for their niche (in this case, horror) as well as some serious credentials to go along with it. And Now The Podcast Starts! has those credentials, and so much more.

Co-creators Dan Velasquez and Howard Whittock met doing improv comedy in Manchester, and discovering a shared love of horror films led to, of course, a podcast based on the Peter Cushing & Christopher Lee horror films they grew up with.

Together they struggled to maintain a regular podcasting schedule and so the idea was formed to bring in some new rotating co-hosts. Film teacher Kirsty Worrow and actual doctor of horror Dr. Stella Gaynor, friends of Dan’s from university and sixth form respectively, joined the podcast shortly after and started producing regular content together during the pandemic in 2020. The podcast was later joined by former film critic Ian Winterton, another Manchester theatre alumnus.  Two became a fab five and And Now The Podcast Starts! could officially start!

While Howard remains more of a part-time co-host, due to other responsibilities, everyone else mucks in and helps with research and guest contacting, with Dan responsible for the majority of the audio production and editing work. A fascinating fact about this podcast, which makes it pretty unique among other podcasts, is that not only have hosts Stella and Howard never met in real life, they’ve also never been involved in the same segments of the podcast! Is this a Jekyll and Hyde situation? We can’t be too sure.

Named after And Now The Screaming Starts!, the 1973 British horror film starring Peter Cushing,  And Now The Podcast Starts! is a collective group fascinated by the horror genre, not only producing their own terrific horror podcast, but also listening to other horror podcasts. Horror films can provide jump scares and gore, but horror and its multitude of subgenres can also provide comfort, joy and enthusiasm depending on your personal relationship with it, as well as provoke a range of emotions and reactions.

Not only will you find enthusiastic and intelligent debate on And Now The Podcast Starts!, but considering this is a podcast of professionals, you can also find thorough discussions of philosophy, politics, film history, feminism and meta-narratives that make each episode layered in nuanced, rich reactions that you’ll be thinking about long after you finish listening.

And now the feature stops… but now your listening starts…

Recommended episode: Episode 48 – Bram Stoker’s Dracula (2 January 2021) – 

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