British movie podcast of the week: Big Fat Cult

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In our weekly spot where we highlight an independent movie podcast that we reckon is worth your time, a celebration of the less celebrated films.

Most movie podcasts focus on the big blockbusters or the high-profile cult classics. Big Fat Cult is rather different. It focuses on the movies that are probably seen as some of the worst movies ever made, but movies that are so bad they’re actually great,

Hosted by comedian, writer, actor and lover of weird and wonderful films Chris Mayo, Big Fat Cult features the often ridiculed, critically panned, low budget B-movie treasures that used to be found hidden in the bargain bin of video rental stores of old, which now have a special place in the bargain bin on popular streaming services. This podcast goes out of its way to highlight them for their unique ability to not have the best acting, editing, cinematography, writing or direction in the world.

As with many podcasts, Chris found the downtime from the COVID-19 pandemic useful time to watch all the cult horror movies he’d heard about. He ended up watching 200 of them, realised that a lot of people really liked these movies and based the idea for the podcast around catering for this obscure catalogue of cinema. They may be much maligned, but there’s always something to redeem these movies, even if they’re just so-bad-they’re-hilarious.

Along for the ride with Chris are a variety of special guest hosts each episode, all of whom share Chris’ rare skill in finding joy in the strangest and most questionable movies. Big Fat Cult is currently in the middle of a fifteen-episode Season 1, with Season 2 already in production, and Chris himself is relishing in his love of podcasting and sharing his newfound affection and knowledge of cult movies with the world. Big Fat Cult is a podcast that doesn’t take itself or its features too seriously. It takes a light-hearted and positive look on films that many others would heavily berate, with a healthy dash of humour and wit. 

Online group movie watches, especially during the pandemic, have had a bonding effect on people who’ve felt isolated during lockdown, and it’s these sorts of silly, self-deprecating cult favourites that make us realise that you can do anything you put your mind to; that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel; and that someone out there made Samurai Cop. And for that, we should be so very grateful…

Recommended episode: Episode 4 – Street Trash ft Thom Tuck – (12 July 2020) – 

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