British movie podcast of the week: Caged In: A Nicolas Cage Podcast

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Our recommended podcast of the week? It’s a celebration of Nicolas Cage and his movie work, and we’re very much here for that.

Nicolas Cage, member of the formidable Coppola family of Hollywood royalty, is a force of nature in his own inimitable way. He seems to be the movie version of Marmite. Some love him, and think he’s an underrated acting genius. Others – incredibly – dislike him, believing him to be overly dramatic and more reliant on the name ‘Nicolas Cage’ in more recent years. For every Leaving Las Vegas and Face/Off, there’s The Wicker Man and Bangkok Dangerous. Like Marmite, is there an in-between?

Luckily, we have Caged In to help us decipher the myriad of Cage’s eccentric performances, and Petros Patsilivas has since produced, hosted and edited 93 episodes dedicated to the man, the myth and the legend.

Petros always wanted to host his own podcast and quickly became fascinated with The Cage; his extensive body of work, his ’90s A-lister heyday, his enigmatic personality and the fact he’s since become somewhat of an internet meme generator in recent years. Petros himself has also been on a journey. Since starting in early episodes of Caged In as being indifferent to Cage, he has since become more of a fan of the actor as the podcast has progressed.

Certainly, the recommended episode below with Cage’s stand-in for eleven years details a different Nicolas Cage to what the media might have you believe. Caged In has featured a variety of outstanding guest hosts over the years, including James Dormer, the writer of Outcast, and the co-director of Ghost Rider, Crank & Crank: High Voltage, Brian Taylor.

Despite Petros’ unorthodox podcasting journey to Cage-appreciation, he’s a passionate and knowledgeable host, and seems completely comfortable immersed in the world of Cage’s many acting credits. Each episode of the podcast is in chronological order of Nicolas Cage’s long career, starting with his first appearance in Valley Girl (1983), currently through to 2017’s Inconceivable. 

It’s worth noting that we did ask Petros what his favourite Nicolas Cage movie was, but like Cage himself, Petros remained mysterious and elusive. All will be revealed on Caged In at some point in the near future, we’re told…

Recommended episode: Caged in Conversation: Marco Kyris (Nicolas Cage’s Stand-in) – (22 July 2020) – 

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