Film Quiz Friday: Hail To The Chief (the US President edition)

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Can you tell your Harrison Ford from your Gerald Ford? This week’s film quiz covers movie US presidents, plus lots of other transatlantic trivia.


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While everyone else is still asking questions about this week’s US presidential election, we’ll stick to actors playing commanders-in-chief for now. Granted, only two of the real ones have any major acting credits on their IMDb page, and one of them wouldn’t even be your first choice for the White House out of the cast of Home Alone II: Lost In New York, but never mind all that.

Outside of that not-so-topical business, we’ve got two more rounds of trivia, and once you’ve answered all three rounds, you’ll find a link to a separate post with the answers at the bottom of this post. After all points are fully counted, please let us know how you did (scores out of 30 this week!) and send us any other lovely feedback too. Here we go…


ROUND ONE – This Week in Movie History

This round is about new releases and general film history from this week in years past – we’ve given you the year at the start of each question to help out!

  1. 2006 – Which movie culminates with the destruction of the Houses of Parliament on 5th November 2028?
  2. 1994 – Who directed Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and also played Victor Frankenstein?
  3. 2016 – Complete the title of the feel-good biopic – A Street Cat Named
  4. 1960 – Born this week, who connects the films Avengers: Endgame, Hail, Caesar!, and Snowpiercer?
  5. 1956 – According to the title of a Hammer horror movie, what letter of the alphabet is The Unknown?
  6. 1985 – Which sci-fi teen comedy sees Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith accidentally invent Kelly LeBrock?
  7. 1999 – West Is West is the 2010 sequel to which British comedy?
  8. 2013 – Who plays Philomena Lee in Philomena?
  9. 1990 – Jon Bon Jovi’s debut solo single “Blaze Of Glory” featured on the soundtrack of which film?
  10. 1979 – Which prison-set action movie marked Danny Glover’s film debut?




In the week that the US presidential election dominated the news, your second round covers the various cinematic occupants of the White House, both real and fictional…

  1. Who plays Andrew Shepherd, the American president in 1995’s The American President?
  2. In which movie series does Leslie Nielsen play President Baxter Harris?
  3. Which real-life US movie president connects Josh Brolin and Sam Rockwell?
  4. In which romantic comedy does Charlize Theron play presidential hopeful Charlotte Field?
  5. Who is the only actor to have won an Oscar for playing a real US President to date?
  6. Complete the trilogy – Olympus Has Fallen, London Has Fallen
  7. Who plays Vice President Kathryn Bennett in Air Force One?
  8. In Superman II, E.G. Marshall’s POTUS surrenders the free world to which supervillain?
  9. The filmmakers behind the 1997 sci-fi drama Contact courted controversy by using out-of-context real footage of which president?
  10. Which 2013 action sequel “introduces” Carlos Estévez as President Rathcock?



Let’s finish with a random selection of pot luck movie questions – these could come from any era, any genre, or any level of difficulty. Enjoy!

  1. What instrument does Miles Teller’s character play in Whiplash?
  2. Who directed the 1986 fantasy classic Labyrinth?
  3. Which Hobbit does Dominic Monaghan play in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy– Merry or Pippin?
  4. Which 1990s action movie connects Sandra Bullock, Nigel Hawthorne, and Wesley Snipes?
  5. In France, which Hollywood film franchise goes by the international title Sexy Dance?
  6. Which English king does the late, great Sean Connery play in Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves?
  7. How many films have co-starred Robert De Niro and Al Pacino to date?
  8. Which film duo’s fan club is called the Sons of the Desert?
  9. Jim Dear, Darling, and Aunt Sarah are all characters in which Disney animated film?
  10. And finally, according to a famous line from Mean Girls, on what day of the week do the Plastics wear pink?

Ready for the answers?

That’s the end of this week’s quiz – when you’re ready to check your answers, click here to get them (it’ll take you to another page). We’ll have another quiz for you next Friday, but until then, let us know your scores in the comments below!


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