British movie podcast of the week: Kids, what are we watching tonight?

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Our featured movie podcast of the week is a terrific family venture, where you never quite know what they’re going to like.

From the moment they’re born, we project a life onto our children. What will they grow up to be? Surely a successful lawyer or doctor. Who will they take after? Hopefully they’ll have Auntie Edna’s sense of humour and Uncle Bob’s green fingers, but if you’re a movie lover it’s as inevitable as Thanos snapping his fingers that you’ll want your child to inherit the passion for the films you grew up watching. You can’t wait to introduce them to Star Wars, Labyrinth and Back To The Future…. and then you hear the response “That movie’s so OLD!”

One man on the quest to find the Holy Grail of films that his daughters will watch and enjoy is Andrew. He decided to create Kids, What Are We Watching Tonight? to document his movie watching journey with his teenage daughters Isla and Nieve during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Together they’ve discussed movies of all genres, from new releases to those really old ones from the 80s…

The heart and soul of Kids, What Are We Watching Tonight? is obviously the father-daughter-sister bond that Andrew, Isla and Nieve share. It’s apparent as soon as you start listening that this is a close family unit; a great dad who’s raised well-educated, spirited and sociable girls who take the opportunity to share the experience of watching movies with their old man, as well as give him a bit of good-natured sass.

Andrew will go into detail about the background of the movie in each episode to give Isla and Nieve a history, as well as introduce relatable discussion topics, but it’s really all about what Isla and Nieve think and what they liked (or didn’t!) about the movie, through the eyes of a teenager in 2021.

It’s a wonderful spin on a nostalgic movie podcast hosted by adults revisiting their favourite movies of yesteryear, as you get a raw and honest teenagers’ point of view. Isla and Nieve don’t sugar coat their opinions either! It turns out they’re not fans of Point Break or Big Trouble In Little China, but loved Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Dracula. Andrew has become accustomed to not being able to predict what they’ll like, but it makes the recordings more fun.

Obviously Andrew takes care of all the producing, editing and social media, but otherwise this is very much a family affair. Isla and Nieve also very recently hosted their first episode of Kids, What Are We Watching Tonight? together without Andrew, something they have wanted to do for a while. Andrew is, obviously, incredibly proud of his girls, but they should all be very proud of this fantastic podcast.

Isla and Nieve could very well be the future of movie podcasting and if so, it’s a very bright future indeed!


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