British movie podcast of the week: Not Just for Kids

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In our weekly spot where we recommend an independent movie podcast from the UK, a salute to the terrific Not Just For Kids.

Animated feature films have been engaging and delighting audiences since Walt Disney’s ‘folly’ was released in 1937. That movie was, of course, Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs; it changed the face of cinema irrevocably and was seen as a feature for all ages to enjoy. Since then, animated movies primarily starring princes, princesses and various talking animals have been seen as, shall we say, aimed primarily at the small people of the world and certainly not suitable for a discerning grown-up adult human being with responsibilities. 

Russell Bailey is here to remind us that this is not the case.

As a father to two small children, Russell watches a lot of family films, especially those from his own youth, and wanted to host a podcast which would focus on this oft-underappreciated cinematic arena. Finding himself furloughed during the COVID-19 pandemic, he decided to start Not Just For Kids to highlight, dissect and pay tribute to family movies for all ages; from traditional hand-drawn, stop-motion and computer-generated animation through to musicals and traditional live-action family favourites. Just because a film is aimed at the family market, that doesn’t mean it’s less worthy of discussion.

While Not Just For Kids focuses on all family movies, both animated and live action, it’s initial season highlights the ten years of Western animation between 1995 and 2005. It’s clear from the very first episode of this season just how much Russell loves animation, and he is joined by a selection of outstanding guests who share his appreciation on each episode. While Russell has dabbled in radio and podcasting in the past, this is his first solo production, and impressively everything behind the scenes is also done by Russell, who as mentioned also has small children to take care of.

With plans to delve into the seminal works of Steven Spielberg going forward, as well as look at the world of animated films post the demise of traditional 2D hand-drawn animation, Russell’s passion for Not Just For Kids is evident. One of his missions for this podcast is to introduce people to as many wonderful, diverse, thematically exciting and beautiful family films as possible, and to not judge them by their BBFC rating. 

Find your inner child and rekindle your love for these movies through this podcast. It might be called Not Just For Kids, but it should be called Perfect For Everyone

Recommended episode: Episode 3 – Chasing The Golden Age: The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Hercules – (26 August 2020) – 

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