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Our independent UK movie podcast choice this week finds three friends talking and teaching films.

Many great British movie podcasts are conceived from good friendships and an idea formed at the local pub, and Sorry You’re In My Seat is no exception to that rule. Hosted by Aaron, James and Sam, and originally devised as a format to educate Sam on the movies that Aaron and James loved to talk about, the show gradually evolved to its current concept of “Three Best Friends on a Quest to find the Greatest Movies of all Time”, after Aaron and James realised Sam was a fast learner!

Unlike most movie podcasts, Sorry You’re In My Seat’s format can differ each week, from concentrating on a certain movie (which could be a new release or a classic), to a set of movies in a franchise, to a specific actor or director, to just a general chat about genres or themes. This means that each episode always sounds fresh and completely different from the last. It also means there’s a topic for literally everyone in their repertoire.

Each week there’s a possibility that a movie they talk about will go into the revered Sorry You’re In My Seat ‘Vault’, reserved for only the crème de la crème of cinematic masterpieces. There’s also a possibility that a movie they talk about will go into ‘The Hole’ – reserved for the most catastrophically terrible movies ever made.

Episodes are unscripted and usually contain games, quizzes, jokes and fun banter between three smart, funny guys who clearly are the best of mates. It’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ll find yourself chuckling along to an episode.

This movie podcast deserves a prime spot in your Vault.

Recommended episode: Episode 51 – Harry Potter and the Half-Drunk Princes (5 July 2019) –

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