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Can anything test a relationship like someone’s taste in movies? Here’s a podcast that suggests sharing films is a very good thing.

Any relationship brings with it each partners’ own personal cinematic history. Sometimes the highest highs of a relationship can be enjoying movies together, or sharing the experience of a movie you love with the person you love. 

In the case of SP Filmviewers, it’s cinephile Paul who wanted to share his varied and vast history of film watching with his partner Sophie, who admittedly hadn’t seen as many movies. Rather than just watch, they decided to create a podcast to document Sophie’s true thoughts and feelings, and share this with the world.

While Paul is the driving force behind SP Filmviewers; ensuring editing, marketing and artwork is done for each episode, as well as selecting the film itself, it’s Sophie who’s the true star of the show (even Paul admits it!). She brings a wide-eyed innocence to proceedings after watching a movie Paul has already seen for the first time. Her reactions are always earnest and genuine. It’s clear she doesn’t just idly watch, but she gets involved and often brings a passionate discussion with her. Sophie has seen films that Paul hasn’t, mostly romantic comedies as she notes. Sophie would very much like Paul to see more of her choices. 

Paul and Sophie’s relationship is really key to this podcast’s success. Despite the difference between their cinematic history, it’s very clear that they have an open and honest relationship, which endears the listener to each review. The often differences of opinion give a nice contrasting point of view, as well as adding some unintentional humour along the way.

SP Filmviewers is a podcast that elicits the feeling of watching a movie for the first time. That pure unadulterated joy of seeing something great, or the bitter disappointment of something not so great. Whether you agree with their assessments or not, the love they have for their podcast really shines through.

If you want a light-hearted, fun podcast to simply enjoy the joy of that first watch, SP Filmviewers is definitely for you.


Recommended episode: Episode 68 – Back to the Future Trilogy (22 April 2021) – 

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