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Our weekly movie podcast recommendation? A pod with a special focus on the work of Steven Spielberg: here’s why it’s worth a listen.

Ask anyone who their favourite director is, you’ll likely get the same name pop up again and again. With a career spanning over five decades, and being the creative force behind some of the most beloved movies of all time, there’s no singular director with a body of work like Steven Spielberg. From intimate war dramas, action adventures, science fiction, musicals and one really big fish, he’s not only directed but also produced some of the biggest, and genre-defining movies of the millennial generation and beyond.

Oh, and he co-founded Amblin and DreamWorks too, in his spare time.

You may remember Chris Johnston from the previous feature we did on his retro movie podcast Easy Riders Raging (that feature is here to refresh your memory), but SpielbergPod was his first podcast baby. He was disappointed when listening to a podcast which discussed the work of named directors, that the podcast finished before they got to Spielberg. To remedy this, he created SpielbergPod in July 2015.

Unlike other directors who may focus on films exclusively or primarily for adults, such as Quentin Tarantino or Stanley Kubrick, Steven Spielberg has focused on family-friendly fare (for the most part!), and you can guarantee everyone you speak to will have seen at least one Spielberg movie during their lifetime. Chris, along with regular rotating co-hosts Kieran and Paul, have since moved on from purely discussing Spielberg on SpielbergPod (because even the great man himself has a finite amount of work!) but they have just started a new series on the SpielbergPod feed, discussing One Perfect Scene; the first episode of which had to be that T-Rex paddock scene in Jurassic Park.

SpielbergPod has always been a small and intimate show, but through it not only has Chris managed to secure Empire’s Chris Hewitt for a chat, but also has had the opportunity to see Spielberg twice in real-life, at the premieres of The Post and Ready Player One. Obviously the pièce de résistance would be a guest hosting appearance from Mr. Spielberg himself, and how could he say no to a podcast named after him, right?

There are many things that are apparent from the first listen of SpielbergPod. The most obvious is the passion and enthusiasm, not just for the man himself, but also the podcasting community as a whole. SpielbergPod has always been a place for friends to get together, but it’s also genuinely fun to listen to, and their chemistry shines through. This is especially apparent on the recommended episode; which is the first of three, all recorded in one huge, hilarious, foul-mouthed session! In many ways this podcast and its hosts emulate Steven Spielberg to a tee; hardworking, creative, energetic, absorbing and dedicated to their craft.

SpielbergPod – it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Recommended episode: The Fellowship of the Ring (The Lord of the Rings) (3 September 2016) – 

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