British movie podcast of the week: Talking The Mickey

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Each week, we recommend a British independent movie podcast we think you might like: this week, with a Disney theme to it.

Walt Disney is a man who needs little introduction to anyone, and nor does arguably his most famous creation Mickey Mouse. Both a staple in childhoods going back to the early 1930’s, and with the hundreds of animated and live-action films created under Walt Disney’s name, the nostalgia level with The Walt Disney Company (despite the media behemoth they are nowadays) is high for a lot of people. There’s one podcast that delivers on this nostalgia factor for all things Disney and that’s the terrific Talking The Mickey.

Originally devised as an offshoot of their other podcast Best Film Ever, Talking The Mickey was a fortuitous result of the COVID-19 lockdown and the launch of Disney+ here in the UK. Hosts Ellie, Georgia and Ian felt it was the logical step to dive into the Disney vault, and talk about those films everyone has a shared experience with but without the rose-tinted spectacles of youth and with a healthy dose of adult cynicism. They were joined by long-time guest host Ethan and Talking The Mickey was magically created, as if by the Fairy Godmother herself!

Talking The Mickey doesn’t take the mickey out of Disney though. Ian, Georgia, Ellie and Ethan are Disney fans right to their very core and are ultimately here to celebrate the successes of Disney, as well as highlight the plot holes and occasionally address some aspects of Disney’s back catalogue which haven’t aged as well as we remember from our childhoods. Anything on Disney+ is considered fair game, so expect more than the standard Disney classics of yore; they’ve already covered Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and expect some Marvel Cinematic Universe soon!

Episodes are analytical, interesting and the hosts’ dynamic shines through, despite often disagreeing. Like taking a trip to the Magic Kingdom, Talking The Mickey will excite, delight and bring hours of joy and wonder to Disney fans young and old(er).

Recommended episode: Episode 12 – Mary Poppins – (2 May 2020) –

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