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Our movie podcast recommendation of the week has a superhero flavour to it: here’s why That Superhero Thing is worth a listen.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Do you do whatever a spider can? Is your mother’s name Martha? Duddle-luddle-durr-dur-dur! (There are no words to the X-Men theme song, but you know what we mean.) Superheroes are everywhere. Too many heroes, you might say. Is there a podcast out there who can help us work our way through the menagerie of superhero movies? To give us the lowdown on those heroes and villains we know and love? Are you holding out for a podcasting hero? 

They say that a hero could save us, we’re not gonna stand here and wait, so we went out and found That Superhero Thing. A podcast all about everything super; from DC to Marvel, and everything in between.

Now, usually trying to get hold of podcasts to feature is easy, but for this one we had to track down our heroes to their super secret hideout (based in The Wirral, Merseyside) and their mild-mannered alter-egos Nick Gatti and Antony Holden. Nick and Antony received their podcasting powers during the second Coronavirus lockdown, and wanted to focus them on the movies and TV shows they loved the most – comic book movies. If Nick is the Kevin Feige of the podcast, managing the entire operation; Antony is the Robert Downey Jr, the megastar talent. 

Unlike most comic book movies though, there is no moustache-twirling villain of this podcasting story. Since starting That Superhero Thing, Nick and Antony have received nothing but support from the podcast community, and they in turn provide a relatable and gatekeeping-free entry into superhero and comic book movies. They’re comic book fans, without being the “I think you’ll find…” sort. That Superhero Thing aims to be accessible for all fans, whether you’re new to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or you started from the very beginning. They provide both spoiler-free and spoiler-filled analysis, news and reviews, as well as encouraging thoughts from the listener community as a whole.

Having recently finished episodes on Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Boys and Ms Marvel, That Superhero Thing is not just all about Marvel. The That Superhero Thing fandom net is spread far and wide, and there really is something for everyone. Including shawarma, probably. Like all good heroes, they’re making waves with the higher ups, and the execs at Amazon Prime Video recently sent them the entire Season 3 of The Boys for them to review before it aired. We can confirm neither Nick or Antony are the Homelander of this partnership.

Just like superhero cinema, which exists on pure escapism, a connected universe and the omnipresence of a man in charge, That Superhero Thing is the sort of podcast you can’t just listen to one episode of. You have to listen to them all, and you’ll want to. If you want a friendly, relaxed and informal take on the latest superhero films and TV shows, That Superhero Thing is for you. Whatever it takes.

That Superhero Thing. We love you 3000.

Recommended episode: Episode 55 – Thor: Love and Thunder Review – (11th July 2022) – 

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