British movie podcast of the week: The Geekhouse Podcast

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Our movie podcast recommendation of the week has over 600 episodes for you to dive into: enter The Geekhouse.

Few movie podcasts can claim to have 10+ years of podcasting and over 630 episodes to their name, but for The Geekhouse Podcast this is just another notch on their ever impressive belt.

The Geekhouse Podcast has had many names over the years, including General Waffle, From Page 2 Screen, The Movie Show, plus offshoot podcasts called The British Movie Show and The Horror Show, before eventually all coming together to become The Geekhouse Podcast

Host Stuart Bannerman originally worked in and owned a video store for ten years, and reached out to appear on podcasts to scratch the itch of talking movies, before getting the bug and starting his own. Having several co-hosts over the years, his current co-host is Robert Dyer (creator of ScifiWales), and The Geekhouse Podcast prides itself on being a cultivator of natural conversation. It’s ultimately all about film fans having free range to speak their mind with other film fans, in an uncensored manner.

Stuart tends to do most of the duties involved with the production side, and Robert turns up with his views. Together they make an impressive partnership, with their joint knowledge manifesting in each episode of The Geekhouse Podcast.

Stuart attributes the simple love of podcasting to his longevity in the field, and now supplements his podcasting appearances with events such as Scifi Wales, San Diego Comic Con and Grimmfest, interviewing guests from the world of film, as well as making his own short films.

The highlight for Stuart was putting together a documentary film called Experiencing Comic Con using footage already shot years earlier. He had filmed much of the ScifiWales convention but then was stuck with no natural ending. He ended up completing the documentary film by jetting off to San Diego Comic Con which resulted in an impromptu Stan Lee cameo! Doing all these creative ventures has built up his confidence, and his natural charisma with interviews really shines through.

Ultimately, with over 600 episodes, it’s clear Stuart has learned a thing or two about podcasting. His advice; always adapt, don’t be afraid to change your format and mix things up, whether that’s the name, the co-hosts or the topics. Move with the times, but make sure you still love doing what you do. Wise words indeed!

We wish The Geekhouse Podcast 630+ more oustanding episodes, at the very least!

Recommended episode: Episode 544 – Guest Mick Garris – (29 October 2020) – 

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