British movie podcast of the week: The Rewind Movie Podcast

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Our weekly podcast recommendation is a gleeful look into relatively recent film history – The Rewind Movie Podcast.

Rewinding. It’s not something we have to do with physical media these days. The advent of DVD and Blu-ray meant rewinding became a thing of the past, but back in the 80s and early 90s, you not only had boxes of bulky analogue VHS tapes to watch, but you also had to, rather laboriously, rewind them. This week we’re metaphorically rewinding back through time, with the fabulous, and in no-way laborious, The Rewind Movie Podcast.

Hosted by ex-film students and friends Gali, Devlin and Patrick, The Rewind Movie Podcast came about from an ‘Arnie All-Nighter’ in 2018. As they had all moved to different parts of the country, it was agreed that a podcast was not just a great way to keep in touch with each other, but also to continue their shared passion of film analysis and discussing those formative movies from their childhood.

Each episode of The Rewind Movie Podcast looks back to a movie from one of three categories; Throwbacks (nostalgic and treasured films from their youth and seeing if they hold up), Bargain Bin (those movies that used to litter your childhood, and looking at them again as adults and wondering why everyone liked them so much) and Pulling Focus (their personal favourite films that may have fallen out of favour and deserve more love). Episodes are well researched and crafted, and proves how much weight movies have in our lives. When you love something, you’re just as passionate as when you hate something. The Rewind Movie Podcast has a genuine love and respect for movies, and what that generational nostalgia really means to each of us.

Although they don’t all work in the film industry anymore, that film school history means they’re not only extremely fun to listen to, but also incredibly knowledgeable about film, and the talent doesn’t stop there either. Each episode, Devlin draws a hand-drawn charcoal sketch to accompany the release. You can see them all on their website, or on the Instagram account – they’re really rather excellent! William Sadler (from Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey) and Thora Birch (from Ghost World) both took to Twitter to tell them so!

Be kind, (listen to) Rewind.

Recommended episode: Episode 17 – Top Gun (7 May 2019) –

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