Film Quiz Friday: All Mashed Up

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Your weekly film quiz is back! 30 movie-related questions, including the return of the mighty movie title mashup game…

Now that we’ve recovered from the summer of Barbenheimer, let’s come back with one of our occasional movie title mashup rounds. We’ve done five of these so far, and honestly, we don’t know where Richard Osman finds time to come up with these in between crime novels and tweets about films being too long. Then again, legally, we’ve still never smashed any answers or housed any games, as the kids are saying.

If you’re unfamiliar with our continuing implausible deniability, we basically mash two unrelated film titles together and come up with a phoney plot synopsis for the mess we’ve made. For example, “There’s nothing in the rulebook that says convicts can’t play basketball with dogs” would be Con Air Bud. We’ll do the plots, you tell us the title, and there’s some nice normal movie trivia questions on either side.

When you’ve finished all three rounds, you’ll find a link to a separate post with the correct answers at the bottom of this post. As always, this is just for fun, but please let us know how you did in the comments (scores out of 30 this week!) and leave us any other lovely feedback. Let’s mash it up!

ROUND ONE– This Week In Movie History

This round is about UK cinema releases and general film history from this week in years past – we’ve given you the year at the start of each question to help out!

  1. 1998 – Which British gangster film marked the debuts of actors Jason Statham and Vinnie Jones, as well as director Guy Ritchie?
  2. 1949 – Born this week, who plays Zack Mayo in 1982’s An Officer And A Gentleman?
  3. 2023 – In cinemas now! Including this week’s new release, how many Equalizer movies has Denzel Washington starred in to date?
  4. 1955 – Jock and Trusty are dog characters in which Disney animated film?
  5. 1973 – In Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid, who does James Coburn play – Pat Garrett or Billy the Kid?
  6. 1963 – Which Alfred Hitchcock-directed film features the quote “Have you ever seen so many seagulls?”
  7. 2000 – Who plays gunslinger Chon Wang in Shanghai Noon?
  8. 1996 – Also born this week, who connects the movies Dune, The Greatest Showman, and Spider-Man: Homecoming?
  9. 2012 – Complete the title of the British horror comedy starring Alan Ford: Cockneys Vs… ?
  10. 1989 – Who co-stars with Richard Pryor in the 1980s crime comedies Stir Crazy, Silver Streak, and See No Evil Hear No Evil?



Yeah, you know, like a US Army field hospital gets carried around Korea by thousands of helium balloons? No? Oh well, can you identify these other mashed-up movie titles based on their combined plot descriptions? 

  1. Nia Vardalos has her marriage plans disrupted by Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn.
  2. Nicholas Hoult shirks his evil obligations and plays baseball with ghosts in Iowa.
  3. Michael Caine discovers a mousy performer who sings exactly like Michael J. Fox.
  4. A pregnant teenager offers her unborn child to a ravening UFO that stalks rural California.
  5. Christina Applegate and her siblings keep quiet about Ryan Reynolds looking after them.
  6. Joseph Gordon-Levitt obsesses over a doomed relationship and a Cliff Richard movie.
  7. Sally Hawkins romances a bloke with gills, here played by Kevin Costner.
  8. Baby dinosaurs struggle to find shelter from a time-travelling Jack the Ripper.
  9. Ladybug, Lemon, and Tangerine meet Sick Boy, Franco, and Spud.
  10. A US military helicopter crash-lands in Bette Midler and Richard Dreyfus’s house, with hilarious consequences.



Let’s finish with a random selection of pot luck movie questions – these could come from any era, any genre, or any level of difficulty. Enjoy!

  1. Who directed the 1970 film M*A*S*H?
  2. What model number is Robert Patrick’s Terminator character in Terminator 2: Judgement Day?
  3. Which 2022 historical action movie stars Viola Davis as General Naniska?
  4. Which British actor connects the 2010s movies Cloud Atlas, Paddington, and Spectre?
  5. In the news! Which 2008 animated Star Wars movie introduced the character Ahsoka Tano and kicked off an animated spin-off of the same name?
  6. In Pixar’s Up, what type of animal is Kevin?
  7. Who was born earliest – Ben Affleck or Matt Damon?
  8. Which sport connects the 2000s films Like Mike, Coach Carter, and Semi-Pro?
  9. Which pop duo’s songs inspired the 1987 British musical It Couldn’t Happen Here?
  10. And finally, Jurassic Park is back in cinemas for its 30th anniversary – what is the name of fictional Central American island where the film is set?


Ready for the answers?

That’s the end of this week’s quiz – when you’re ready to check your answers, click here to get them (it’ll take you to another page) and let us know your scores in the comments below.

We’ll be back next Friday with another film quiz, but until then, why not catch up with Season 1 of our suitably named film quiz podcast, The Film Quiz Podcast, which features Nick Helm asking movie questions and occasionally berating contestants for getting them wrong.

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