Film Quiz Friday: Meet The Muppets

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It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights, it’s time to try and answer all these Muppet questions right… (bom bom bom)


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We’re getting near the end of 2022 now and while the rats who write our questions busy themselves with Christmas and end-of-year quizzes and complain about how cold it is at Film Stories Towers, there’s only one theme we could have picked for this Friday. With The Muppet Christmas Carol back in cinemas, and newly extended with the long-lost “When Love Has Gone” musical sequence, (more on that here!) this week’s film quiz has a warm Muppet-y centre.

Once you’ve completed all three rounds, you’ll find a link to a separate post with the correct answers at the bottom of this post. As always, this is just for fun, but please let us know how you did in the comments (scores out of 31 this week!) and give us any other lovely feedback. Insert Gonzo playing an instrument noise here…!


ROUND ONE – This Week In Movie History

This round is about new UK cinema releases and general film history from this week in years past – we’ve given you the year at the start of each question to help out!

  1. 2006 – Flushed Away is a collaboration between DreamWorks and which British animation studio?
  2. 2011 – What title connects a 1982 film starring Kurt Russell and its prequel starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead?
  3. 1981 – Born this week, which pop star plays the lead role in the 2002 teen movie Crossroads?
  4. 1990 – The Two Jakes is the sequel to which 1970s noir drama?
  5. 2016 – Complete the title of the teen comedy starring Hailee Steinfeld – The Edge Of
  6. 1982 – Who plays Mahatma Gandhi in Gandhi?
  7. 2020 – Which David Fincher-directed biopic stars Gary Oldman as the screenwriter of Citizen Kane?
  8. 1998 – How many Rush Hour movies have been released to date?
  9. 2001 – Who directed the horror film The Devil’s Backbone?
  10. 1985 – In Back To The Future, what is Doc Brown’s first name?


ROUND TWO – It’s The Muppet Round!

The Muppet Christmas CarolThe Muppet Christmas Carol is back in cinemas as it was originally meant to be seen – can you answer 10 questions about Kermit and company’s screen exploits to date?

  1. Which Oscar-nominated song opens and closes The Muppet Movie?
  2. In Muppets Most Wanted, what is the name of the world’s most dangerous frog?
  3. Which Muppet movie connects Brooke Shields, Joan Rivers, and Liza Minnelli?
  4. On TV, which two James Bonds have hosted either The Muppet Show or Muppets Tonight? (2 points)
  5.  What is the name of the London hotel where the Muppets stay in The Great Muppet Caper?
  6. Which movie star hosts the Muppets’ telethon in 2011’s The Muppets?
  7. According to Muppets From Space, which of the regular Muppets is From Space?
  8. Which Scottish actor plays Billy Bones in Muppet Treasure Island?
  9. Which Rocky sequel features a cameo by Kermit the Frog?
  10. In The Muppet Christmas Carol, how many ghosts visit Scrooge altogether?



Let’s finish with a random selection of pot luck movie questions – these could come from any era, any genre, or any level of difficulty. Enjoy!

  1. In the news! Who plays Willow in 1988’s Willow and its new Disney+ sequel series?
  2. What nationality connects Adam Driver, Lady Gaga, and Jared Leto’s characters in 2021’s House Of Gucci?
  3. Who plays Rollergirl in 1997’s Boogie Nights?
  4. “You stay classy, San Diego” is a repeated quote from which comedy?
  5. In cinemas this week! Which new Christmassy action film stars David Harbour as Santa Claus?
  6. Complete the classic tagline for 1980’s The Shining – “All work and no play…”
  7. William Munny is the main character in which 1990s western?
  8. MTV Films and Nickelodeon Movies are both divisions of which Hollywood movie studio?
  9. Which real-life figure connects the 2010s films All Is True, Anonymous, and Bill?
  10. And finally – back in cinemas this week for its 80th anniversary, which classic film do Harry and Sally watch in bed while talking on the phone in When Harry Met Sally?

Ready for the answers?

That’s the end of this week’s quiz – when you’re ready to check your answers, click here to get them (it’ll take you to another page). We’ll have another quiz for you next Friday, but until then, let us know your scores in the comments below.

We’ll be back next Friday with another quiz, but until then, why not catch up with Season 1 of our suitably named film quiz podcast, The Film Quiz Podcast, in which Nick Helm asks intrepid contestants some of our movie questions and only occasionally berates them for getting the answers wrong. If you’ve already listened to the lot, watch this space for new episodes soon!

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