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Sometimes, it’s worth booking a ticket for something, even if it’s a long time ahead. A few mental health thoughts here.

Hello, and welcome to the bit of the Film Stories website where we chat about mental health, wellbeing, and things that may be affecting you, or people you know. It’s a regular thing we do here, and we’re very aware that not every article is of use to everyone. Still, we’ve built up an archive over several years, and maybe there’s something that might be helpful.

Simple one again this time: book a ticket for something. Commit to something. Put at least one thing in the diary that breaks the norm

A conversation I had with my dad once upon a time went along the lines of him not knowing where I found time to go to the cinema. Or, if I was feeling blush, the theatre, or to a comedy gig. This was before I had kids, when there was the off-chance of finding funds for such things. But my answer then was the same as now: I book the ticket.

I used to do this two or three times a year, and I always tried to make sure it was something a few months ahead if I could. For two reasons: one, it gave me something to look forward to, and two, it made it oddly harder for me to get out of. I felt like I was committing to something.

This didn’t mean in the week of whatever I’d booked a ticket for wasn’t filled with thoughts of I don’t really want to go, and I wonder if anyone else wants the ticket. The last minute logistic of going to something are the final hurdle as far as I’m concerned, and there was a brief period where if I could find someone to buy the ticket, I would.

Yet as a result of buying tickets, I still did more things than not. I sat through good and bad comedy. I got to see some live music, I went to the theatre, I’d book cinema tickets and curse the booking fee. But I did things. I got out of the habit of it for a while, and I regret that. Now? I’m more inclined to try again. Just on the condition that whatever it is remains a) cheap and b) far enough ahead so I don’t think much about it in advance.

With that in mind, if you’re in a comedy gig next to me in 2025, feel free to say hello. The main thing though is you all stay safe and well. This column will return next week.

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