Mental Health & Wellbeing Matters: something to look forward to

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In our regular spot where we chat about mental health and wellbeing, just a word or two about having something in the calendar.

Hello and a very warm welcome to the spot on our site where we stop for a bit, and just talk about mental health, wellbeing, and things that may be affecting you or people around you. It’s a weekly feature we do here, that won’t always be of much use. But hopefully, over the course of the articles we pen here, there’s something that might register for you.

This piece is put together in a week when the temperature has gone up, and lots of us are feeling the heat. It’s also a time of the year too when a lot of us haven’t really had a proper break for a while. It’s not always possible to rectify that, and the ongoing challenges over the cost of living aren’t exactly leading to lots of us heading off to the Caribbean anytime soon.

However, changing the scenery and having something to look forward to as a result are both worth considering. If you’re the kind of person for instance who tends to book a day or two off at the last minute, then there may be many reasons for that. If one of them is to use some time off, or you’re feeling run down, then fully get that. Circumstances are often such.

But one thing I’ve been doing for the past few years is to make sure I have a stretch of days booked some way into the future. It’s almost become something of a finish line, that it means no matter how hard I’m working, I know when I get to stop. An imperfect science, certainly, but it’s proven to be a pretty decent mental health trick for me over the years. Ideally I book a holiday too, but, yeah, circumstances again. They don’t always align there.

Of course, there’s little point booking out some time if you just end up doing the same old things anyway. None of these things we tend to talk about here work in strict isolation. But if you can put in at least one thing in a stretch of time to look forward to as well, something that breaks up the norm and the regular day to day, then that’s a useful mental health trick as well.

Maybe those are helpful to you, maybe not. But they’re small things to keep fuelling our brains a little, and to maybe keep us going on the slower days.

Thanks, as always, for reading. This column will return as always.

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