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What films, games and books do you reach for when you’ve had a tough day? We’re talking comfort blanket stuff right here…

Hello! This is the spot of the Film Stories site where we chat about mental health, wellbeing, things not feeling right, and just the challenges of life. It’s a weekly section where we stop and just have a little bit of a natter. No miracle cures are offered, but hopefully there’s something in the years we’ve been doing this that may be some help to you.

Not that this particular article is seeing me doing the heavy lifting.

Instead, I want to find out about your comfort blanket material. The film that you can put on when you’ve been having a bit of a rubbish day and just need something familiar. The book you like to go back to. The game you like to play. The things that don’t necessarily challenge us in the way they once did, but are bloody useful when we need them.

I’ll go first.

Film-wise, comedies are really special to me. I spent my youth watching The Naked Gun far too many times, and now I’m drawn to one of my favourite films of all time, 1989’s Parenthood. I’m also happy to put Game Night, Morning Glory, Blockers, Spy, Tin Cup or Waiting For Guffman on at any time of day.

Books? I love browsing old film books and magazines just for fun, without pressuring myself to write about anything I find. I also love old Roy Of The Rovers comic collections, or diving into a really, really long non-fiction book that I know I can lose myself in for weeks. I’m a bit odd.

And finally, in terms of gaming, I’m mourning the fact that we’re never likely to get XCOM 3, so replay the earlier XCOM games from time to time. I really enjoyed Phoenix Point too, and it’s shame that’s not getting any kind of sequel.

Those are mine. I worry sometimes I spend too much time on a small collection of stuff, but then I realise that worry is absolute nonsense. They’re fun, and what’s wrong with that?

Feel free to leave yours in the comments, and maybe we can pass a few recommendations on?

As always, you all take care, and this column will return next week…

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