The Grey List published | Celebrating the best unproduced screenplays by people over 40

The Grey List
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48 writers over 40 have scripts for films and TV shows ready to go, and have been showcased by The Grey List 2024.

Launched in 2022 as a response to the entertainment industry and its habit of being on the ageist side of things, The Grey List is now in its third year. It’s the idea of Brad M Johnson, and a response to the fact that once creatives get past 40, it can be harder to break in, and harder to get the attention of Hollywood decision makers.

As such, the list is a collection of production-ready feature and pilot scripts, that are completed and ready for market. The unifying feature between them all is that they’re written by writers who are all over 40.

2024’s The Grey List has thus been published, and it features 48 writers across its collection of projects. To give a flavour of some of the ideas on the list, there’s…

Boots On The Ground, from Dougie Brimson: ‘After losing his legs in combat, a young soldier returns from Afghanistan to discover that his own personal battle is only just beginning.’

Gristle, from Heidi Hornbacher: ‘When a very bad dog finds out that not all dogs go to heaven, he cons his way into a second chance at life, but it means he must help a rebellious teen repair her relationship with her father by learning to sail.’

Hotel Story, from Kay Tuxford: ‘A Type-A 40-something who can’t conceive a much-wanted baby with her husband secretly hires a youthful sperm donor to impregnate her while she’s away on a business trip.’

I Am Here, from Jade Shine: ‘When a jilted empty-nester has a manic reaction to anti-depressants, she and her estranged mother set out on a raucous road trip to Vegas to audition as P!nk’s backup singer.’

The Last Good Day, from T J Berry: ‘A deadbeat dad takes his kids on an amazing day of bizarre bucket list activities to avoid sharing the news that their mother has just died in a car accident, while his brother-in-law hunts them down to tell the kids himself and take them forever.’

Regression Test, from Michael Dean: ‘When a genius software engineer is swindled out of her revolutionary code by a billion-dollar startup, she vows to expose the company and its CEO at all costs.’

That Bitch, from Elizabeth Ditty: ‘When three burned-out coworkers are kidnapped by their toxic boss, they must troubleshoot their way to escape before she feeds them to her demon-possessed corgi.’

We’ve focused on the feature films here, and this is just a flavour of the projects. You can read The Grey List in full here – and we’ll let you know as and when we hear about any of the films being picked up.

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