Quiz Answers: 14th January 2022 (The Magnificent Kevin)

The Untouchables
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Here are the answers to our quiz from 14th January 2022 – how did you do?

1. Born this week, who plays Will Turner in the Pirates Of The Caribbean films?

Orlando Bloom

2. What title connects a comedy starring Peter Sellers and a 2009 remake starring Steve Martin?

The Pink Panther

3. “Their deadly mission: to crack the forbidden island of Han” is the tagline for which 1973 martial-arts actioner?

Enter The Dragon

4. Which 1989 buddy comedy pairs Tom Hanks with a French mastiff?

Turner & Hooch

5. In which country is The Last King Of Scotland largely set?

Uganda (the title refers to dictator Idi Amin)

6. Who plays Joe Black in Meet Joe Black?

Brad Pitt

7. Which post-apocalyptic thriller connects Denzel Washington, Mila Kunis, and Gary Oldman?

The Book Of Eli

8. Who directed 1995’s Showgirls?

Paul Verhoeven

9. “Don’t Rain On My Parade” is a song from which movie musical?

Funny Girl

10. What year was the name of the highest grossing film at the UK box office in 2020?


11. Which sport connects Bull Durham, For The Love Of The Game, and Field Of Dreams?


12. In which film does Costner play Bureau of Prohibition agent Eliot Ness?

The Untouchables

13. In Man Of Steel, Jonathan Kent dies during what kind of natural disaster?

A tornado

14. Which UK newspaper shares its name with a 2006 film in which Costner plays a member of the US Coast Guard?

The Guardian, as in The Guardian

15. Which 2003 Western marks Costner’s most recent directorial outing to date?

Open Range

16. The Universal Studios attraction A Live Sea War Spectacular is based on which Costner film?


17. Which American agency does Al Harrison work for in Hidden Figures?


18. Which real-life Old West lawman did Costner play in a 1994 western of the same name?

Wyatt Earp, in Wyatt Earp

19. In Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves, which English actor plays Robin’s father, Lord Locksley?


20. Costner co-starred with Gary Oldman and Tommy Lee Jones in 1991’s JFK, but which daffy 2016 action-thriller reunited them?


21. Including the new film in cinemas this week, how many Scream movies have been released to date?


22. Who plays Crocodile Dundee in Crocodile Dundee and its sequels?

Paul Hogan

23. Rusty Ryan, Basher Tarr, and the Amazing Yen are all characters in which 2001 movie remake?

Ocean’s Eleven (played by Brad Pitt, Don Cheadle, and Shaobo Qin, respectively)

24. “They call me Mister Tibbs” is a famous quote from which Oscar-winning 1967 drama?

In The Heat Of The Night, starring the late, great Sidney Poitier

25. Who connects the 1980s films The War Of The Roses, Romancing The Stone, and Body Heat?

Kathleen Turner

26. What word connects sequels to The Bourne Identity, The Craft, and TRON?

Legacy (The Bourne Legacy, The Craft: Legacy, and TRON: Legacy, of course)

27. Who plays Buttercup, the princess bride in The Princess Bride?

Robin Wright

28. Michael Bay and Netflix are producing an English-language remake of which 2011 Indonesian action thriller?

The Raid – more on that here

29. What type of clothing grants Jackie Chan the fighting abilities of Jackie Chan in the 2002 action-comedy of the same name?

A tuxedo, in The Tuxedo

30. And finally, what connects The Dead Pool, Midnight In Saint Petersburg, and Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix?

These are all five-time Harrys – the fifth instalment in franchises where the main character is called Harry (Harry Palmer, “Dirty Harry” Callaghan, and Harry Potter, respectively)

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