Quiz Answers: 25th June 2021 (Who Fast Who Furious?)

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Here are the answers to our quiz from 25th June 2021 – how did you do?

1. Bart, Mongo, and the Waco Kid are all characters in which comedy western?

Blazing Saddles

2. What is the full title of the second Independence Day movie?

Independence Day: Resurgence

3. Born this week, who recorded “Nobody Does It Better”, the theme song for 1977’s The Spy Who Loved Me?

Carly Simon

4. In which action film does Nicolas Cage play FBI agent Dr Stanley Goodspeed?

The Rock

5. Which character leads the Three Muskehounds in the new animated TV-to-film adaptation of the same name?

Dogtanian, in Dogtanian And The Three Muskehounds

6. In which World War II film does Steve McQueen play Captain Virgil Hilts?

The Great Escape

7. Who starred as someone else living at Keanu Reeves’ address in the sci-fi romance The Lake House?

Sandra Bullock

8. Complete the title of the Danny DeVito comedy – Throw Momma From The…

… Train

9. Which action film connects Sylvester Stallone, John Lithgow, and Michael Rooker?


10. What title connects a 1971 Don Siegel film and a 2017 Sofia Coppola film?

The Beguiled

11. Who made his film acting debut as the Scorpion King in The Mummy Returns?

Dwayne Johnson

12. Who connects the films Avatar, Machete, and Widows?

Michelle Rodriguez

13. Who plays Sergeant Robert Epps in the Transformers movies?

Tyrese Gibson

14. Who, along with Jason Statham, previously drove a Mini in the 2003 remake of The Italian Job before joining the Fast movies?

Charlize Theron

15. Who provides the voice of the Iron Giant in 1999’s The Iron Giant?

Vin Diesel

16. Who plays Diana Prince in the DC Extended Universe movies?

Gal Gadot

17. Who connects the films Eight Below, Flags Of Our Fathers, and She’s All That?

Paul Walker

18. Who plays the titular thief’s wife in 1989’s The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, And Her Lover?

Helen Mirren

19. Who made her film debut as high-school student Delilah Profitt in 1998’s The Faculty?

Jordana Brewster

20. Who provides the voice of Copper, the grown-up hound in Disney’s The Fox And The Hound?

Kurt Russell

21. “Show me the money” is a famous quote from which 1996 romantic comedy?

Jerry Maguire

22. What is the name of Jason Segel’s Muppet brother in 2011’s The Muppets?


23. Complete the film trilogy – An Unexpected Journey, The Desolation Of Smaug

The Battle Of The Five Armies (These are Peter Jackson’s Hobbit movies)

24. Norma Jeane Baker is the real name of which iconic movie star?

Marilyn Monroe

25. What mythological creature features in the studio logo for TriStar Pictures?

Pegasus (no points for unicorn, I’m afraid)

26. Which band gave us Rocky III’s “Eye Of The Tiger” and Rocky IV’s “Burning Heart”?


27. Which son of the Devil does Adam Sandler play in the 2000 comedy of the same name?

Nicky, in Little Nicky

28. How many Jaws movies have been released to date?


29. Which 2016 Disney film tells the story of Ugandan chess prodigy Phiona Mutesi?

Queen Of Katwe

30. And finally, as of 2021, which director has made more films starring Tom Hanks – Ron Howard or Robert Zemeckis?

Ron Howard has made 5, (Splash, Apollo 13, The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons, and Inferno) while Robert Zemeckis has made 3 (Forrest Gump, Cast Away, and The Polar Express) with a fourth on the way (Disney’s Pinocchio).

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