Quiz Answers: 30th June 2023 (Ford Focus)

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Here are the answers to our quiz from 30th June 2023 – how did you do?

1. Born this week, who plays Robin in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin?

Chris O’Donnell

2. Which day of the week gives its name to a 1995 comedy co-written by and starring Ice Cube?

Friday, as in Friday

3. What is the name of the farmer in Chicken Run?

Mr. Tweedy

4. Who plays the dual roles of Mary Shelley and the bride in Bride Of Frankenstein?

Elsa Lanchester

5. Which comedy remake pairs Michael Caine and Steve Martin as conmen on the French Riviera?

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

6. “Full Risk”, “Mountaineer”, and “On The Edge” are all international titles for which Sylvester Stallone movie?


7. Which horror legend plays time-travelling inventor Dr Who in Dr Who & The Daleks?

Peter Cushing

8. In cinemas now! Which 1980s pop music duo are the subject of a new Netflix documentary film of the same name?

Wham!, as in Wham!

9. Which 1988 comedy has a sequel subtitled The Smell Of Fear?

The Naked Gun!

10. Also born this week, who plays the title characters in the films Life After Beth, Ingrid Goes West, and Emily The Criminal?

Aubrey Plaza

11. What is Harrison Ford’s character’s job in Air Force One?

He’s President of the United States

12. Ford is digitally de-aged in the prologue of Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny, but who plays young Indy in the opening sequence of Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade?

River Phoenix

13. Complete the title of the 2010 breakfast TV comedy – Morning…?

… Glory

14. What is the name of Ford’s character in the 1990s movies Patriot Games and Clear And Present Danger?

Jack Ryan

15. Ford’s only Best Actor Oscar nomination to date was for playing undercover detective John Book in which 1985 film?


16. To date, how many Star Wars films feature Ford as Han Solo?

5 (the Original Trilogy, The Force Awakens, and his surprise cameo in The Rise Of Skywalker)

17. In which 1990s thriller does Ford play Dr Richard Kimble?

The Fugitive

18. What is the full title of the 1979 sequel to American Graffiti?

More American Graffiti

19. Which sport features prominently in 2013’s 42?


20. Blade Runner is set in 2019 – in what year is its sequel set?

2049, as in Blade Runner 2049

21. In the news! Which character connects Margot Kidder, Kate Bosworth, and Amy Adams?

Lois Lane (Rachel Brosnahan’s next up, alongside David Corenswet as Superman)

22. Which Oscar-winning actor was born earliest – Audrey Hepburn or Katharine Hepburn (no relation)?

Katharine Hepburn, by 22 years!

23. Which animation studio’s logo is called the Moonchild?

DreamWorks Animation

24. Who directed the films Crime Wave, For The Love Of The Game, and Spider-Man 2?

Sam Raimi

25. In what decade is 2000’s American Psycho set?

The 1980s

26. Also in the news! Glastonbury headliners Guns N’ Roses performed their cover of which James Bond theme song, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the film of the same name?

“Live And Let Die”, from Live And Let Die

27. “I wish I knew how to quit you” is a famous quote from which 2005 drama?

Brokeback Mountain

28. Director Duncan Jones is the son of which British singer and actor?

David Bowie

29. Madam Mim is a villain in which Disney animated film?

The Sword In The Stone

30. And finally, the films Hard Rain, A History Of Violence, and Hoosiers are all primarily set in which US state?

Indiana, of course!

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