Quiz Answers: 5th March 2021 (Murphy’s Law)

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Here are the answers to our quiz from 5th March 2021 – how did you do?

1. Which sci-fi comedy connects Pierce Brosnan, Michael J. Fox, and Tom Jones?

Mars Attacks!

2. Who voices Rango in the Oscar-winning animated western, Rango?

Johnny Depp

3. Who or what is Christine in John Carpenter’s Christine?

She’s a car (a 1958 Plymouth Fury)

4. What is the title of the sequel to 1999’s Analyze This?

Analyze That

5. Born On The Fourth Of July star Tom Cruise actually was born on 4th July – true or false?

False – he was born one day before, on 3rd July.

6. Who plays Queen Victoria in The Young Victoria?

Emily Blunt

7. The Last Boy Scout revolves around corruption in which sport?

American football

8. Which spy thriller stars Jennifer Lawrence as a Russian ballerina-turned-sleeper agent?

Red Sparrow

9. According to the sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey, what year is The Year We Make Contact?

2010, in 2010: The Year We Make Contact

10. Born this week, who connects the films 2 Fast 2 Furious, The Other Guys, and Training Day?

Eva Mendes

11. In which buddy-cop movie did Murphy make his feature film debut, as convict Reggie Hammond?

48 Hours

12. What is the name of the dragon voiced by Murphy in 1998’s Mulan?


13. Who plays Prince Akeem’s father, the King of Zamunda, in Coming To America and its sequel?

James Earl Jones

14. In which 1999 comedy does Murphy play movie star Kit Ramsey?


15. Murphy’s one and only Oscar nomination was for playing R&B star James “Thunder” Early in which 2006 musical?


16. Heard at the wedding at the end of the film, which Monkees song does Murphy cover for the soundtrack of Shrek?

“I’m A Believer”

17. “Eddie Murphy Is The Chosen One” is the tagline for which 1986 fantasy comedy?

The Golden Child

18. What is the name of Sherman Klump’s slimmer, more confident alter-ego in The Nutty Professor?

Buddy Love

19. In Beverly Hills Cop, what object does Axel Foley insert into the exhaust of a car that’s tailing him?

A banana

20. Who wrote and directed the 1989 crime comedy Harlem Nights?

Eddie Murphy (his first and only directorial outing to date)

21. Which country connects Cool Runnings, Ginger Snaps, and Scott Pilgrim Vs The World?


22. Who plays Rey in the Star Wars sequel trilogy?

Daisy Ridley

23. Which 1990s comedy centres around a band from the fictional South Yorkshire mining community of Grimley?

Brassed Off

24. Which British actor plays eight different members of the d’Ascoyne family in Kind Hearts And Coronets?

Alec Guinness

25. In the Toy Story films, what does the purple button on Buzz Lightyear’s back do?

“Karate-chop action” (the wings are the round red button on his chest)

26. Who directed 2011’s Super 8?

JJ Abrams

27. Directed by Rob Savage, which 2020 horror film follows a séance conducted on a video call?


28. In 2009’s I Love You, Phillip Morris, who plays Phillip Morris – Jim Carrey or Ewan McGregor?

Ewan McGregor

29. Complete the title of the Frank Capra film – Mr Smith Goes To


30. And finally, which 2011 comedy sequel connects this week’s Golden Globe winners Rosamund Pike, Daniel Kaluuya, and Gillian Anderson?

They all co-starred in Johnny English Reborn

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