Quiz Answers: 4th March 2022 (Who’s The Batman?)

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Here are the answers to our quiz from 4th March 2022 – how did you do?

1. John Coffey is a character in which prison drama?

The Green Mile

2. What type of vessel is the Poseidon in The Poseidon Adventure?

She’s a cruise ship

3. Which Oscar-winning animated western features Johnny Depp as the titular chameleon?


4. Born this week, whose characters include Red Rackham, Joe Bang, and Benoit Blanc?

Daniel Craig, in The Adventures Of Tintin, Logan Lucky, and Knives Out, respectively

5. Which movie duo got the munchies in the UK but went to White Castle in the USA?

Harold and Kumar (these are the different international titles of their first movie)

6. Which sci-fi comedy stars Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close, and Natalie Portman as the First Family of the United States?

Mars Attacks!

7. Who plays Chief Petty Officer and ship’s cook Casey Ryback in Under Siege?

Steven Seagal

8. In which Oscar-winning weepie does Meryl Streep play Baroness Karen von Blixen?

Out Of Africa

9. In Logan, who plays the killer clone X-24?

Hugh Jackman

10. What title connects a 1950 comedy starring Alec Guinness and a remake starring Queen Latifah?

Last Holiday

11. Complete the trilogy – Batman Begins, The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight Rises

12. Who plays Batman in 1966’s Batman: The Movie?

Adam West

13. Dr Pamela Isley is the alter-ego of which villain?

Poison Ivy, as seen in Batman & Robin

14. In Batman V Superman, what fictional material does Batman use to make gas grenades and a spear?


15. Who are the only two actors to appear in all four Batman movies released between 1989 and 1997? (2 points)

Michael Gough (Alfred Pennyworth) and Pat Hingle (Commissioner Gordon)

16. Complete the title of the 1993 animated feature – Batman: Mask Of The

… Phantasm

17. Who plays Harvey Dent in 1989’s Batman?

Billy Dee Williams (Tommy Lee Jones replaced him in Batman Forever)

18. Led by Ra’s al Ghul, what is the name of the secret criminal collective that trains Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins?

The League of Shadows

19. Who reprises their role from 2017’s The LEGO Batman Movie in 2022’s The Batman?

Zoë Kravitz, who plays Catwoman in both movies

20. “Never leave the cave without it.” According to Batman & Robin, what is the expiry date on Batman’s Bat-credit card?


21. Who connects the 1980s films 9 To 5, Rhinestone, and Steel Magnolias?

Dolly Parton

22. Chihiro, Yubaba, and No-Face are all characters in which animated fantasy film?

Spirited Away

23. Who directed 1989’s The Abyss?

James Cameron

24. Played by Brendan O’Carroll, which BBC sitcom character has a cameo in the 2022 comedy sequel A Madea Homecoming?

Mrs Brown, from Mrs Brown’s Boys

25. What word goes after Angel, Brave, and Crazy to make three different movie titles?

Heart, as in 1987’s Angel Heart, 1995’s Braveheart, and 2009’s Crazy Heart

26. “You Can Fly!” is a song from which Disney animated classic?

Peter Pan

27. Which 2011 horror movie is presented as found footage from a classified moon mission gone wrong?

Apollo 18

28. Who plays taxi driver Kempton Bunton in 2022’s The Duke?

Jim Broadbent

29. Which Devo song shares its name with a roller derby film directed by Drew Barrymore?

“Whip It”, as in Whip It

30. And finally, who connects the films Gone Baby Gone, The Town, and Live By Night?

They’re all films directed by Ben Affleck

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