Wellbeing Matters: comfort blankets

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In our regular spot where we natter about mental health and wellbeing, a few words about comfort movies, music, TV shows and ice cream.

Hello, and welcome to Wellbeing Matters where this week we’re under a duvet, peeping out occasionally and snorting cheese Doritos.

When the dark side hits, sometimes the best thing to do is retreat. Head to the sofa, the bed, the hammock or whatever shuggies your boat. This week, let’s have a natter about what distractions we’ve been taking in, from the cocoon of our own walls.

I’ve been wallowing in films. Admission here – I watched my first ever Jason Statham film (consciously, I suspect there have been others lost in a cidery haze somewhere along the years). The Meg is big! A proper Saturday night indulgence to chill to. With spangly machines and an achingly sweet kid. Very satisfying.

There was also Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, which we watched the old-fashioned way. Recorded from terrestrial television. Funny, full of heart and the glory that is Christine Baranski, it went down as sweetly as a litre tub of caramel ice cream. Which it came with.

Then there’s my soundtrack. I’m letting Spotify sooth me with Shania Twain, The Bangles and assorted gentle voices from decades past. I suspect faulty algorithms in its choices, given the usual noise fest I opt for, but perhaps it’s picked up on my frazzled nerve endings. Though the inclusion of Steps was perhaps a step too far for this mini goth.

Book wise, I felt the need for something fat and blood thirsty from the Stephen King to be read pile. A regular reader (waves at Paul C!) suggested Under The Dome. My word! Never be a woodchuck in King’s world, that’s all I’ll say. I’m not a slow reader but I suspect this one will last me until Christmas. Perfect.

TV wise, there has been Lucifer and Hanna, with the occasional stop off at Buffy the Vampire Slayer season two to hang with the Scooby Gang in a world where fake news and constant connection seem like distant concepts. Monsters. Let’s just stake monsters. Or snog them, whichever way the mood takes you. Which reminds me of my enduring fascination with Dr Pimple Popper’s cases.

So, this is me taking in the good stuff, while plumping up the feather pillows and expanding the waistband. How are you guys doing? What have you been watching, reading, enjoying? Give a shout out for anything you’ve loved – new or old – recently.

And thanks as always for reading.


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