Wellbeing matters: trying to get a good night’s sleep

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A few words on the importance of trying to get proper, regular sleep, and some hopefully helpful tips if you’re struggling to do so.

Hello and welcome to the spot on the site where we try to talk about stuff that may be affecting you, or people around you. Obviously it’s a pretty taxing time for many of us, with the day to day worries of life amplified by what’s happening all around us. And as a consequence, lots of us are struggling to get sufficient sleep.

This article, sadly, doesn’t have much in the way of miracle cures for that. But hopefully, there’s a tip or two in here that may just be of use. Sleep is of huge importance for the human body, and also for our generally wellbeing.

Firstly, then, wherever possible, try and get into a sleep routine. Go to bed at roughly the same time every night if you can. Furthermore, try to avoid having a long lie in. If you’re able to keep this routine up at the weekend, it makes it a little easier to sustain during the week.

When it is time to go to bed, try to avoid looking at a bright screen. If you can avoid watching a film or television programme, that can help. It’s advised, if you’re struggling to sleep, to keep away from screens for an hour or so before going to bed. And then to avoid watching something on a tablet or television.

You may or may not get on with an e-reading device such as a Kindle, which tends to work on lower light. Whether you prefer that or a physical book, reading is worth trying just before sleep. Especially if you can tie it into a routine: get your head used to the idea of a set amount of reading before it’s time to close your eyes. I’m sure lots of people can recommend things to rea in the comments.

General recommendations from people who know a lot more than me include not exercising or eating a heavy meal. Likewise, if you generally try and catch up on a little bit of sleep during the day, try not to do that once you head into late afternoon.

Finally, just do a few basics. Make sure that your bed is a place that’s comfortable, warm, secure and cosy. If not, perhaps change a pillow or duvet, something to make it a little better for you. Try to keep excess light away, and if you can shut out loud noises – sometimes easier said than done – that tends to help too.

These are just a few basics, and there’s no instant solution. Building up some kind of routine is arguably the best way forward for most people. But if you’re getting nowhere, don’t be afraid to talk to something, perhaps your GP, about what to do. It’s a little bit of self-care that you deserve, and might just help you.

Thanks as always for reading. You all take care.


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