6 new Christmas romantic comedies confirmed for this year

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Six new Christmas romantic comedies look to be heading towards UK audiences at the end of the year – and more details are here.

The ongoing European Film Market – EFM to its chums – is seeing lots of companies announce new movies and deals, whetting our appetites for features some way in the future.

Or, in the case of the latest slate announced by 101 Films International, films we’ll be watching this very festive season. If ever you’ve got a bit sloshed and lazily switched on some suitably dapper looking festive flick, then here are six options already lining up.

First up? An Eclectic Christmas, starring Hannah Galway and Jeremy Walmsley. It’s the story of a vintage store, whose owner passes away and leaves instructions for the stock to be distributed as Christmas gifts. The job of that lands on her niece, who has to decipher the clues left behind, to unite the right gift with the right person. A handsome local will help her. Bet they shag.

Christmas Beneath The Stars has Maddy Foley and Steve Belford leading the line. An anonymous blogger and photographer is sent to review a Christmas attraction , but the owner’s ex-military son (it says here) needs helps getting it back to its former glory. This film seems to feature a nasty bank, and someone up to no good.

Lyla Porter-Follows plays twin sisters in Christmas On The Rocks. Thus, she’s both Sarah and Jennifer. Sarah is an event planner, Jennifer has to pretend to be here to save some sort of business deal. An old flame arrives in town. Not sure who humps who here, but am sure it’ll be wholesome.

Ah-ha! It’s Mistletoe And Molly next. Molly is a waitress wanting to work in PR, to get away from her controlling father. Then there’s an image consultant she fancies, who’s a bit like her dad, and that sounds like a bit of therapy work to me. Eden Broda and Zach Smadu take centre stage.

Two to go.

What happens when two people are on a plane, and their identical suitcases get swapped? Lord knows, but we’ll have an idea by the idea of The Holiday Swap. Alex Paxton-Beesley and Morgan David Jones lead the film, and there’s a workaholic in here, an old flame, and some consumer electronics.

Last one is Secret Santa. Nola Martin and Brendan Murray star, and it’s the tale of an advertising executive looking to create a brilliant advert for her big client. Hang on though: she does some charity work, and the conveniently widowed owner of said charity discovers what she’s up to. But he’s also the person who taught her to love Christmas again, and it sounds like she has some Very Tough Choices to make.

All of these run to no more than 90 minutes, and all appear to have been directed by Lane Shefter Bishop. All will be on UK screens we’re imagine by the end of the year. More as we hear it…

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