Uncharted 2 | Mark Wahlberg is officially growing a moustache for the sequel

uncharted 2 mark wahlberg moustache
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In some extremely important facial hair news, Mark Wahlberg has revealed that the script for Uncharted 2 is ready, and he’s growing a moustache in preparation for filming.

Late last year, Mark Wahlberg revealed the extraordinary, Stanislavski-level lengths he went to in order to play Sully in the 2022 film, Uncharted. Rather than have a piece of fake facial hair glued above his top lip, Wahlberg went the extra mile and – get this – grew a real moustache.

“When I finally got the moustache,” Wahlberg told The Direct in December 2023, “people really appreciated it.”

You may recall, however, that Wahlberg only had the moustache in a brief post-credits sequence, in which his character Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan, more closely resembled the character in the source videogames. In that 2023 interview, Wahlberg indicated that he’d be up for growing the moustache again to reprise the same role in any upcoming sequel, though at the time a script hadn’t yet been completed.

Well, buckle up, because that script is reportedly finished, and speaking to Screen Rant, Wahlberg says he recently got the call (presumably from his agent or someone at Sony) telling him to start getting the facial hair ready.

“Actually, I just got a call today that they got the script in,” Wahlberg told the outlet. “I can’t grow a real beard and mustache, but they said, ‘Start growing your mustache. It’s gonna take awhile.’ I’d be interested to see what the story’s like, and where that adventure takes us. But I’m excited; I know audiences really loved the first one, so we’ll see.”

It’s unclear why Wahlberg would say he can’t grow a real beard or moustache, given the glorious bit of face fungus we saw at the end of the original Uncharted. Unless the actor wasn’t being entirely truthful when he said it wasn’t fake…? No, that can’t possibly be right. It had to have been real.

Sony hasn’t formally announced a second Uncharted film yet, but the original film did decent business, while people involved in it, from director Ruben Fleischer to producer Charles Roven to Sony boss Tom Rothman, have all expressed their enthusiasm at various points. Tom Holland will have to find space in his schedule for the sequel, though – he previously starred as intrepid hero Nathan Drake – and we’ll have to wait and see how long it takes for Wahlberg to prep that moustache.

More on Uncharted 2 as we get it.

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