A Deal With The Universe: trailer for autobiographical documentary

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Documentary A Deal With The Universe offers a very different pregnancy story. Here’s the trailer.


The debut film from Jason Barker is a documentary by the name of A Deal With The Universe. The film tells the story of he and his partner and their journey to try and conceive a child.

Screenings of the film are slowly starting to pop up around the country, too, and a first trailer for the documentary has been released. Synopsis first, then…

Autobiographical documentary from Transgender filmmaker Jason Barker telling the story of a very different kind of pregnancy

Autobiographical and made entirely from personal archive and home video diaries which he and his partner Tracey shot over the course of a decade, Barker tells the fascinating story behind their journey to conceive. This film is groundbreaking in terms of it’s intimate insights into gender identity and new parenthood.

And here’s the trailer…


The film is screening at the BFI Flare festival later this month, and you can keep track of individual screenings around the country over at the film’s official website, here http://adealwiththeuniverse.com/screenings.html.


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