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People have been stealing Film Stories and Film Stories Junior digital editions, and we wanted to do something about it.

A week or two back, it was drawn to our attention that PDF versions of our magazines had landed on piracy sites around the internet. That the magazine we’ve sunk our savings and heart into was being stolen.

In fact, make that magazines. It’s not just Film Stories that’s been stolen, but Film Stories Junior too. A magazine designed to get under 15s writing about film, and ensuring they receive financial recompense for doing so.

As regular readers may know, we don’t take profit from the magazine, and continually battle to try and get it to break even. We’re an independent publisher who has sunk our heart and soul into these magazines, to try in large part to offer opportunities and something a little different to read.

It’d be fair to say that it was a very, very low day.

I’ve been mulling this for the past week or two, as what was also clear was that lots of you had our back. Thus, I want to try and turn something negative into positive.

Basically: I’m going to give free digital copies of both away. A digital back issue from each magazine. No strings. You never have to buy another issue if you don’t want to. We don’t need your credit card number or anything.

I’m not going to lie. I’m hoping that this will lead to lots more people discovering the magazine, and getting the word out more about what we’re trying to do. But also, I like the idea that the work of the writers of both magazines will find a new audience too.

Ideally, a nice company who believes in the opportunities we’re offering every month for new talent to actually get a break can sponsor us doing this again.

But for now:

Claim your free digital copy of our launch issue by entering the code ROTTENROMANS
Here’s the link to the issue:

Claim your free digital copy of issue 7 by entering the code BLINDED
Here’s the link to the issue:

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