Onslaught | Adam Wingard to direct action thriller for A24

Adam WIngard
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Adam Wingard will reteam with the writer of You’re Next and The Guest. to tackle action thriller Onslaught before he heads back to the Monsterverse.

Adam Wingard has signed up to direct Onslaught, an action thriller that is being backed by A24.

It was back in October that we first learned that the arthouse independent studio was broadening its horizons and looking to start backing more mainstream action projects. As far as that tactic foes, we’re starting to see that approach materialise, not least with Onslaught. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio found itself on the right end of a bidding war for Onslaught, a film that is being described as a ‘gonzo action horror thriller.’

Beyond that brief description, little else is known about the project, with details being kept firmly under wraps. Still though, getting Wingard represents something of a coup for A24, given the queue of red-hot projects the filmmaker is already attached to. A Thundercats live action movie; a sequel to Face/Off; a presumed follow-up to Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire.

That’s quite a to-do list, but according to the outlet it’s Onslaught that will be Wingard’s next project. The director will be re-teaming with frequent collaborator Simon Barrett. The duo have worked together on cult successes like You’re Next and The Guest. A24’s desire to attach Wingard to the project is said to even extend to an ownership stake in the project, a sure sign (along with coming out on top of the auction) that the studio’s new direction will see it mix it up with the type of budgets and talent that are brandished by more established studios.

The film is reportedly set to shoot this autumn, and following that it is expected that Wingard will complete his Monsterverse trilogy of films, although no deal with Legendary is said to be in place. The filmmaker has quite the slate lined up and we’re curious to see which of these projects come together, and in what order.

As for A24, this is the second acquisition that has been announced in two days where the studio has beaten out competition from other bidders to secure a project. The other project, Checkmate, seems more in line with the studio’s traditional fare but from the look of this announcement, the future will see the studio expanding its portfolio to a wider range of projects.

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