Adrien Brody on his Lord Of The Rings regret

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Whilst expressing regret at turning down a part in a modern classic, Adrien Brody is thankful he and Jackson were able to collaborate on 2005’s King Kong. 

In a career retrospective with GQ, Adrien Brody has revealed that he turned down an opportunity to be part of Peter Jackson’s hugely popular Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Much like Sean Connery, who famously passed on the role of Gandalf, Brody admitted that he was offered the part, he didn’t really know what to make of it.

“I, somehow, didn’t grasp it,” Brody said, recounting the experience of being approached for The Fellowship Of The Ring. “I don’t know what part I would have been right for, but it was some Hobbit-like character. I was looking for something else.”

Naturally, the actor wishes he’d chose differently. “I remember going to see Lord Of The Rings in the theatre with an ex-girlfriend. And she turned to me and said, ‘You passed on Lord Of The Rings?! I remember feeling so stupid. But I don’t think I would have gotten the role of Jack in Peter’s [King Kong]. I don’t think that would have translated.”

In this instance though, it all turned out happily as Brody snagged the role of Jack in Jackson’s epic King Kong movie, a part that proved to be more than adequate compensation for him, whilst also giving him that taste of being part of a blockbuster film release. “We had a premiere in  Times Square and they shut down all of Times Square,” he said. “The mayor was there and introduced us to the city. It was a big deal. My face was immortalised on a McDonald’s soda cup. When does that happen for anyone?”

If it was just his face on a drinking vessel that Brody wanted, we could have pointed him in the direction of several internet sites that could have helped, but nonetheless, he seems content with the way things worked out.  He still would have made a great hobbit though…

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