Alex Garland sets his next film as (co) director

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With Civil War set for release this spring, Alex Garland is to direct again, this time an ‘untitled war movie’. More here.

In the summer of 2022, when he was promoting his pretty unforgettable horror Men, Alex Garland was giving the impression of a man done with directing movies. He’s credited with directing Ex Machina and Annihilation and was reported to have finished up 2012’s Dredd. Then, following Men, he launched straight into making Civil War, which is due for release in April.

However, if he was looking to step away from the director’s chair, it sounds as if the plan is at the very least on hold: according to Deadline, he’s just signed up to another project.

It’s going by the codename ‘Untitled War Movie’, and from that, I’m going to hazard a guess that it’s a war film, for which these is not yet a name. You don’t get insights like that from ChatGPT, let me tell you.

Anyway: this time, Garland is to co-direct along with Ray Mendoza, who served as the military supervisor on the incoming Civil War. This time, Mendoza has also co-written the script. Andrew Macdonald and Allon Reich are producing, and the project has been set up at A24. That’s where Garland’s last two films have been set up.

Interestingly though, it looks as if A24 is handling global distribution itself. It’s sold the UK release rights of Men and Civil War to Entertainment Film Distributors.

Furthermore, some casting. Untitled War Movie, and I’d personally give Alex Garland a pound if he kept that name, has signed up Charles Melton for a lead role. Melton broke through in May December, which has seen him notch up awards attention. Deservedly so, too. The Todd Haynes directed film was one of 2023’s finest, and has opened a fair amount of doors for Melton by the looks of it.

Presumably Untitled War Movie will be shooting at some point this year, if casting is getting underway. We’ll keep you posted with any further stories of Alex Garland making more films, because we like his work a lot. So there.

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