Another Round | English language remake to be directed by Chris Rock

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Chris Rock is set to direct the English language remake of the Oscar-winning Another Round: more here.

The Oscar-winning 2020 black comedy Another Round is a superb film, a mainstream-leaning movie about drink dependency starring Mads Mikkelsen in the lead role. Thomas Vinterberg directed the film, and around the time Another Round became a hit, there was talk of an English-language remake.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company Appian Way picked up the rights, and there’s been development work presumably going on since around that time. Not that there’s been much word on the project popping up in the press.

Now, though: some news. As you’d expect, given the headline and the fact that this non-AI-generated article exists.

Chris Rock is returning to directing for the English-language Another Round. Stuart Bloomberg had penned a draft of the script, yet there’s now going to be a new writer hired to work alongside Chris Rock in shaping the screenplay.

According to a piece over at Deadline, directing films has jumped up Chris Rock’s priority list. He’s said to be attached to a couple of further projects, one of which is about the life of Martin Luther King.

It sounds like there’s going to be a fair wait in store for Another Round’s English language redo if there’s another, well, round of writing work to do. It may yet be that the film goes before cameras this year, but if Rock is juggling two or three competing possible projects to direct, it may yet be a case of which one is ready to go first.

We’ll keep you posted, anyway. And for now, the synopsis from the original film…

The intoxicating winner of the 2021 Academy Award for Best International Feature Film: ANOTHER ROUND from director Thomas Vinterberg (The Hunt, Far From the Madding Crowd). There’s a theory that we should be born with a small amount of alcohol in our blood, and that modest inebriation opens our minds to the world around us, diminishing our problems and increasing our creativity. Heartened by that theory, Martin (Mads Mikkelsen) and three of his friends, all weary high school teachers, embark on an experiment to maintain a constant level of intoxication throughout the workday. If Churchill won WW2 in a heavy daze of alcohol, who knows what a few drops might do for them and their students? Initial results are positive, and the teachers’ little project turns into a genuine academic study. Both their classes and their results continue to improve, and the group feels alive again! As the units are knocked back, some of the participants see further improvement and others start to go off the rails. It becomes increasingly clear that while alcohol may have fueled great results in world history, some bold acts carry consequences.

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