Babygirl | Casting news for A24’s erotic thriller

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Antonio Banderas, Jean Reno, Harris Dickinson and Talk To Me breakout star Sophie Wilde join Nicole Kidman for erotic thriller Babygirl.

We’ve heard stories circulating for some time regarding A24’s Babygirl, having reported on the casting rumours as far back as March of this year.

Nicole Kidman’s name has always been attached to the project, and it seemed for a while like the film might get an exemption from SAG-AFTRA and shoot throughout the actors’ strike.

That didn’t happen, but the project now has an official production date and an intriguing cast that has also been announced, via The Hollywood Reporter, as appearing alongside Nicole Kidman in the production.

The film is an erotic thriller that comes courtesy of A24. While reports of Jude Law’s involvement proved to be premature, Kidman will instead be joined by Antonio Banderas alongside Jean Reno, Triangle Of Sadness’ Harris Dickinson and Sophie Wilde, star of this year’s horror breakout, Talk To Me.

The film will be directed by Halina Reijn, who was behind 2022’s sharp horror satire, Bodies Bodies Bodies.

Babygirl has been described as ‘an examination of power dynamics. It follows a powerful and in-control CEO (Kidman) who begins an affair with a charismatic much younger intern (Dickinson). Banderas will play Kidman’s husband, Wilde is the CEO’s assistant who witnesses the affair unfold, and Reno is a rival business executive.’

The film is set to shoot next month, and everything looks to be in place here to produce something exciting. A couple of young actors with soaring profiles, established movie stars, a director with smart takes and a studio that will let everybody cook. It certainly seems like a formula for a good film. We’ll let you know more on the project as we hear it.

Our guess is we’ll be seeing the movie towards the end of next year, but no official release date – or hint of one – has thus far been given. Curses. We’ll end the story there, then.

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