Bad Boys 4 | Smith and Lawrence set to ride or die in new trailer

bad boys ride or die trailer will smith and martin lawrence
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Bad Boys 4 isn’t called Bad Boys 4 anymore, as a first trailer drops alongside an official title. More below:

Trivia time! Can you name the highest-grossing film at the US box office in 2020?

Be honest – if there wasn’t a big picture of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence a few pixels above this sentence, you’d struggle. As one of the few studio success stories to debut stateside before Covid-19 locked everything down, Bad Boys For Life cemented itself as a future pub quiz question by a cruel quirk of the universe. Even Sony seem to have been surprised at how well it did – why else would they give the third installment a title with “for” in it if they intended to make a fourth a few years later?

(More trivia for you: Bad Boys For Life is the lowest grossing film to top the year’s domestic box office since 1995, when Toy Story opened to a surprisingly low $191,796,233. Coincidentally, this is also the year the first Bad Boys film was released in the US. Spooky.)

Anyway, still riding high off the unexpected success of the last film, Sony has come out with our first look at the upcoming four-quel. There’s a lot of Martin Lawrence in it.

Check out the newly subtitled Bad Boys: Ride Or Die trailer below:

Quips! Cars! Guns! This sure looks like a Bad Boys movie to me.

With Joe Pantoliano’s Captain Conrad posthumously framed for drug cartel-related naughtiness, Detectives Mike and Marcus look all set to clear his name. How, you may ask? According to the trailer, it involves driving fast cars, shooting people, and an exploding helicopter or two. I wonder if they’ve considered just hiring a lawyer…

Bad Boys: Ride Or Die is revving up for a 7th June release date – crash, bang, and indeed, wallop.

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