Bank Of Dave 2 gets the greenlight

Bank Of Dave
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Jo Hartley and Rory Kinnear are back for Bank Of Dave 2, currently entitled Bank Of Dave: The Sequel. More here.

Released on Netflix early in 2023 was the very British tale, Bank Of Dave. Starring Rory Kinnear and Jo Hartley, it told the real-life story of a man called Dave (you might have guessed that), who set up a community bank to help small, local businesses (you could probably have guessed that too).

Set in Burnley, and with a good dose of Burnley Football Club included, Bank Of Dave was directed by Chris Foggins, and now he’s set to make a follow-up. Entitled Bank Of Dave: The Sequel, Foggins will once again be director, with Rory Kinnear and Jo Hartley reprising their roles.

This time, the foe of the piece will be payday loan companies, an easy to hate villain. New recruit to the ensemble Chrissy Metz will play an American investigative reporter who starts digging into said loan companies, and – along with Dave and his team – the journey takes them to America to try and get things sorted out.

Filming is underway already on the new film, with Piers Ashworth writing the script and Piers Tempest producing. Once again, this is going to be a Netflix release, in the UK at least, with a possible cinema release elsewhere in the world.

In terms of a release date, the original film was launched on the streaming service in January of 2023, and that feels like the kind of window that it’ll be looking for. The original Bank Of Dave started filming two years ago pretty much to the day, so the schedule feels similar.

More news on Bank Of Dave: The Sequel as we hear it, although expect things to be on the quiet side until the back end of the year. Release date and a trailer news closer to Christmas is more likely.

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