Black Mirror | Charlie Brooker drama renewed for seventh series at Netflix

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Charlie Brooker’s dystopia drama Black Mirror will return for a seventh series on Netflix, it’s been confirmed.

As we roll round to the time of year where we rewatch our festive favourites, special mention has to go to White Christmas. The Black Mirror episode must surely be a contender for the most upsetting Christmas special in history, featuring as it does the concept of blocking people in real life and a final scene with a concept too horrifying to imagine.

Brace yourselves, then, for more tech horrors like that one, as Netflix has announced (via Variety) that Charlie Brooker’s drama will return for a seventh series; Brooker, Annabel Jones and Jessica Rhodes will return as executive producers.

This is not particularly surprising news, given the success of the sixth run of the show earlier this year. After all, it Netflix’s self-made top 10 charts around the world, and it seems there’s a queue of A-list talent keen to take part.

That said, season seven is a little under wraps at the moment, apart from the news that filming is likely to kick off before the year is out. Given that there was a four year gap – for obvious reasons, and also some rights reasons too – between the fifth and sixth seasons, that suggests a much speedier turnaround this time.

No story or casting details have been revealed for the next run, but – again – we’d expect some weighty names to be attracted by the combination of the material, and Netflix’s magical chequebook. We’ll keep you updated as we hear more on personnel matters. And if anyone from the show is reading, another choose your own adventure-style episode along the lines of its ambitious Bandersnatch would be very much appreciated.

More news on Black Mirror series seven as and when we get it.

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