Brad Pitt, Adam Sandler to star in Noah Baumbach’s next film

Noah Baumbach
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Netflix is backing Noah Baumbach’s next project, a ‘funny and emotional coming-of-age story about adults,’ which will star Brad Pitt and Adam Sandler.

According to a report at Variety, Noah Baumbach has landed quite the leading duo for his next collaboration with Netflix. Even before the sizeable critical success of Marriage Story back in 2021, Netflix has been keen to stay in the Noah Baumbach business, with the filmmaker’s last three films all being Netflix Originals. That relationship looks set to continue, with Baumbach’s next, so-far untitled project being a ”funny and emotional coming-of-age story about adults.’

Stories surfaced last year that suggested Adam Sandler and Brad Pitt would be working with Baumbach, and if reports are accurate, this looks like the project in question. Sandler and Pitt have never appeared together onscreen, so we’re keen to see how that plays out.

Pitt hasn’t appeared in a straight-to-streaming film since 2017’s War Machine, although he’s also set to collaborate with Apple on Wolfs (which also features George Clooney and Amy Adams) and the untitled Formula 1 movie that began filming before the strikes kicked in. However, it’s likely (and even confirmed in the case of the latter) that both of those projects will head to cinemas before they debut on Apple’s streaming service.

Netflix continues to look like a natural home for Baumbach, who continues to make the kind of beautifully-crafted, idiosyncratic gems that he’s renowned for since his early days as a director, beginning with Kicking And Screaming in 1995 and studded with such gems as The Squid And The Whale (2005), Greenberg (2010) and Frances Ha (2012).

We’ll bring you more details on his next project as we hear them.

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